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Got any questions leave them here I'll get to them as soon as I can.
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Ginny walks in to the burrow slowly as she looks around and then holds the door for him. It was actually a broom closet door they were walking through. She’s glad everyone else isn’t home at the moment. She’s not totally sure how her dad and Gene would get along.  The kitchen is clean and doesn’t look to odd to a muggle unless you count the fact that there is a clock with 7 hands all with names on them.  If you look though the sparkling windows the sun is shining and the gnomes are walking back to the garden.  A cat is chasing them and Arnold is sitting on the counter making odd noises.

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Back in her old bedroom in the Burrow she couldn’t believe she was back here. But, after her flat got condemned without getting her deposit back there wasn’t any money for a new one so she’s back home. She supposes that it could be worse. The only thing left in this room with her old stuff is memories. There is those but the bucket full, both happy and sad, the lowest of lows and highest of highs. Though if she was being totally honest she would have to admit most of that came at Hogwarts.

She was left here to deal with the rest of it the aftermaths of the lows. This was the place she licked her wounds. There are times when it’s as clear as yesterday and the pain is just that fresh the days after Dumbledore died, The speech Harry gave her after the service the words where lingering at times.

'I can't be involved with you anymore. We've got to stop seeing each other. We can't be together.'

Those were words that she lived with for a long time it lurked it lingered and that whole conversation was something she relived most days for a while and once or twice a week now. He had good reasons, she knew it. She would have done the same thing if the roles reversed. That doesn’t make it easier to take or handle.


Walking over to the window smiling as the memory of Harry’s seventeenth birthday comes to mind. It was the most bittersweet of them all.  A smile plays at her lips remembering Harry trying to make small talk, unsure why she asked him up here.  Then the surprise and shock and surrender of it when she kissed him. The warmth that she felt when she realized he was kissing back the feel of his hand on her back and in her hair. The wonder of how far this is going, what will happen as the kiss seemed to blossom and become more, bringing a closeness.

The banging of her door opening, she’s sure it wasn’t that bad but in that moment when the world that was so messed up seemed perfect, for two was shattered. It might as well have been a dropped bowl too shattered to repair because that’s all that moment was in the end. A fine crystal bowl shattered in to pieces and honestly that’s about how it left her feeling.

She didn’t honestly believe she could have changed his mind about going or convincing him to take her with him. But it had been a thought once. Again it’s all memories. Just moments that make us, it was what got her though the months of not knowing being stuck at Auntie Muriel’s. Not knowing what was going on with her family and the only person she had ever loved.


Running a hand over her dresser she realizes now that it was all how it had to happen to be right and she knew it would work out again somehow. Had she not met James and Albus? It was just something she would have to wait for. But honestly she was tired of waiting she felt she had done more than enough of that. But her Mum always said nothing worth having was easy or simple to get.

So waiting is something she does. For she knows when the time is right everything will come together and be as it should be or, at least how she wants it to be.  She has no doubt it will be okay, and maybe coming home was a sign this was where all good things happened it seemed maybe it was time to chase bad memories with good. Before she can drag up more memories she hears her mum calling dinner’s ready and everyone knew you didn’t keep Molly waiting so with a smile she heads downstairs.

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Ginny smiles as she walks through the door to the root Celler then holds out her hand for Tasuki..so she can help him out and in to her yard.. Where her mothers garden was in full bloom with Flowers and Vegitables
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Ginny is in the bar.. she is looking like she's had alot of rest she is smiling she can be bothered

[ooc: Ginny Mun has family show up randomly but she will answer just may be slow]
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What did you think of me after reading my Ginny?
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Ginny yawns as she looks around and then stands up as she walks to the room of requirement. smiles as she walks in to Milliways
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Ginny walks in to the common room, looking around for Ron. She sees him sitting in a chair next to the fire.

She takes a deep breath remembering what she talked about with Ron from the summer last night at milliways.

Ron had never really talked about being possessed before that she could remember.

But she was starting to worry maybe Milliways messed with ones mind. She knew that Time Turners if abused would mess up things "Bill at the bar knew her as an adult, where the twins seem to be in her own time and Ron seemed from the summer. Was she going nutters, or could it all be possible?"
She wasn’t sure how this all happened at the Bar but she was sure if she didn’t help Ron she wouldn’t be able to handle what happened in the end no matter what.

She takes a deep breath, walking over to Ron smiles

“Hello Ron can we talk for a bit?”

She asks softly smiles more to her self knowing she wasn’t about to give him a choice in it. But that seemed better left to her self for now as she waits for an answer.
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Looks around the room and sighs as she hums soflty

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday Dear me
Happy Birthday to me

bAr can i have what ever you feel I should have? on my 15'th birthday?

[OOC:just got the Birtday Info from JKR's site]
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Hey every one My NAmes Ginny Weasley


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