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Name:Ginny Weasley
Birthdate:Aug 17, 1982
Website:Ginny's Owl box
Ginny is described in the series as being small in stature, having long red hair and bright brown eyes, which, Harry notes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, are exactly the same colour as her mother's. Later, she is described by several characters (including her brother Ron and the Slytherin Pansy Parkinson) as very pretty and too popular for her own good. Rowling has described her in interviews as "a fairly forceful personality" who is "tough, not in an unpleasant way, but... gutsy". She also characterised Ginny as "funny" and "very warm and compassionate". As Ginny's character emerges, readers see evidence that she is extremely assertive and has a fierce temper and can be unkind when angered but also that she is thoughtful and comforting when her sympathies are aroused. She is also one of the few characters who can say Lord Voldemort's name without fear.

Ginny is the youngest of the seven Weasley children and the only daughter, "the first girl to be born into the Weasley clan for several generations". JK Rowling's official site states her birthday as 11 August, 1981. The Weasley family is portrayed as financially struggling but pure-blood, meaning none of Ginny's ancestors were Muggles. Rowling establishes blood purity as a concept that some characters in Harry Potter value as being akin to nobility, but the Weasleys discount this notion, believing blood purity to be unimportant. This, along with their poverty, leads some other pure-blood families to disdain and even openly insult them.
Taken Straight from here.

Ginny is from the summer of 1998 will update this has it changes. Thank you all.

Life is short! Break the rules! Forgive quickly! Kiss slowly!
Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably .
And never regret anything that made you smile.

Milliways is crack love.

This journal was created for the purpose of playing Ginny Weasley in [info]milliways_bar. Ginny Weasley belongs to J.K. Rowling, I don't own her. My only purpose is to have a bit of fun playing as her. Cheers!

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